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An erotic dance that a female stripper with large ta tas gives to a lady customer at a stripclub at the request of a male customer for his viewing pleasure. Usually this dance is more hands-on than the lapdance given to a male and involves titty grabbing and girl-on-girl action.
Matt: I’m bored…let’s go to the skin bar down the road and I’ll get you a female lapper, preferably with a big-breasted brunette.

Laura: Sure, what else are we doing…as long as she’s hot, I’m in.
by Buttons February 16, 2005
The act of bringing a female friend to a stripclub and buying her a lapdance for your own pleasure.
Mattie V: Yo, Hattan...we have to get you a female lapper.

Hattan: Sure thing, but what's in it for me?
by Buttons February 15, 2005
a website where you can tell if your online girlfriend is really a fattie in disguise
i love to go to www.fakerssuck.com
by buttons October 28, 2004
Adult males, in their 20's, clearly over the legal drinking age, who still feel the need to drink competitively and brag about it. They often make mention of there drinking accomplishments including how late they stayed out or more specifically, how much alcohol they drank. Usually, these males grew up in suburban towns across the U.S. They usually didn't taste their first beer until their freshman year of college and didn't get drunk until their first spring break while watching girls gone wild.
Brian: I'M the one that decided to go to the bar last night, if I recall.
And I had three beers at school, then shot pool at the QW till they closed. What now, jerk?

Chris: heck no...i was itching for boozing from the start.

Brian: Call me whenever you go out and I will show up to drink. But please remember that I drink competitively, so do not make attempts to keep up.

Chris: I view drinking as a marathon, not a sprint.
by Buttons February 18, 2005
to stuff your balls in someone's ass
I couldn't believe it when Haley said he was going to bunch Tom
by Buttons December 10, 2003
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