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Resembles the phrase "Sit and Spin." A female lays down tongue out while a man spreads apart his buttocks and proceeds to sit on the tongue. Once he finds himself in a confortable position he begins to spin like a record on a record player.
Wow, the record player is cool.
by Buttmaster April 01, 2003
See "The Bowl". The Super Bowl mirrors the act of "The Bowl" except that prior to bathroom sex, the man excretes feces and urine from his body into the toilet bowl. When he shoves the female's head into the toilet bowl before ejaculating, she finds herself surrounded by urine and feces for but a moment before the toilet is flushed and the act of "The Bowl" is completed
Man, las night I super bowled that lady.
by Buttmaster April 01, 2003
A sexual act occuring in or near a toilet bowl. The male party of the sexual couple does the female in a standing dog directly above the toilet bowl. When he is about to ejaculate he shoves the female's head into the toilet bowl, flushes the toilet, and then ejaculates on the unsuspecting, toilet-flushed face of the female.
Man, i gave that bitch the bowl.
by Buttmaster April 01, 2003
Face Toilet Paper- defined exactly as it is written. A man grabs his sexual partner by the hair and pulls her face to his rectum, and then proceeds, with a wiping motion, to use her toungue or other facial features as toilet paper.
Hey Bill last night Sandra came over and I totally FTPed her a lot. It was swell. Scheisse!!!
by Buttmaster April 01, 2003

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