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1.A game known as KoL, with three basic stats, muscle, mystcality and moxie. There are two classes for each, and with good reason. To give and example, the pastamancers and saucerors BOTH have mystcality as their main stat, but a pastamancers secondary stat is muscle, and a saucerors secondary stat is moxie.
2.A kick-@** game that has sucky chatrooms unless you *spoiler alert, spoiler alert, woop, woop* own a store, then you can go to the (not sucky) great channel of foodcourt.
1.Kingdom of Loathing is a game that took some thought.
2."woo-hoo! I gained a level on KoL!"
by Butterfly_Fox...Not! October 15, 2006
1. A show that gets out new episodes at a good pace, and is pretty good as far as plot goes.
2. The closest thing to Buffy the Vampire Slayer that is still making new episodes
1. "hey, a new The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is on!"
"Cool! Lets watch!"
2. "hey, a new The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is on!"
"well, its no Buffy, but..."
by Butterfly_Fox...Not! December 23, 2006
Comes from social butterfly
1.A girl (i guess it could be a guy...)that hops from boyfriend to boyfriend (or girlfriend)
2.A girl (see above if ur PC) who has many boyfriends. Usually does not tell the boyfriends. If she does she says she has less than she really does, or she has a WHOLE lot. About 10 or something similiar.
3.A mythical creature that I made up for a school project before I learned what the term meant. (luckily neither my teacher nor anyone in my class knew what it meant either)
dude1"check out that fox!"
dude2"the butterfly fox with 2 of her 5 boyfriends around her? the one who's best friend you dumped last week?"
dude1"well, I can dream..."
dude2"you and half the school, man, you and half the school..."
by Butterfly_Fox...Not! October 14, 2006
1.A rock star that makes genuinely good music, has quite a few dedicated fans and has made mistakes.
2.The ultimate insult. It can mean anything negative because she is a celebrity who did not do everything right (I'm not saying she did not make mistakes she could (and should) have avoided, i am merely saying the media would post pictures of her picking her nose everywhere or in the shower if thats all they could get. (not all the media, just enough).
1."you rock avril!" or "you suck avril"
2."you are such and avril."
by Butterfly_Fox...Not! October 14, 2006

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