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the night in shining armour that will whisk me away one day
my boo boo :P
by butterfly May 04, 2003
One of the best new actresses out there, disarmingly innocent. Most known for roswell and lost. Amazingly beautiful, Australian and sweet.
Emilie was on Lost last night, wasn't she great?
by Butterfly March 05, 2005
To descibe someone, usually a girl who is dressed in a very trendy/ fashion victim way. Usually over accessorised wearing lastest trends eg cowboy boots/scarves/beads/trucker hats, frequently has a mullet. Often is a fashion/fine art student type.
Came from the name of the School of Art and Design building at Nottingham Trent University, The Bonnigton building. You can usually see "bonnigton types" hanging out in the reception area dressed stupid and trying too hard.
"She looks abit bonnigton"
by Butterfly April 07, 2005
To be deleted by Ross in the online game Dominion at www.kamikazegames.com. Rossination occurs when a player either:
a) cheats
b) uses foul language
c) generally pisses Butterfly off!!
Canada will be rossinated if he continues to anger butterfly and the rest of the realm. ( refer to definition c in this instance!!)
by Butterfly April 11, 2005
please see SuicideGirls
I am not an attention whore. I simply demand that the whole world look at me naked.
by butterfly July 20, 2004
A man or woman who as extremely short-term relationships because they seem to like to put others in pain or because their parents messed them up in childhood
See: 35% women
99.999% men
by Butterfly December 15, 2003
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