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The clogging of ones ass after a nasty meal at Atherton Union at Butler University
I had some Butler Butt Clogger action last night, that meal was nasty!
by Butler Butt Clogger February 08, 2012
A girl you take out on a date who is normally very ugly, but when she dresses up and wears make-up she looks OK at best.
I went on a movie date with a polished turd last Friday.
by Butler Butt Clogger October 18, 2011
Soaking gummy bears or gummy worms in rum overnight. This allows the rum to be absorbed into the gummy bears or worms. This is a nice way to sneak booze into a public event.
Luckily, I made some rummy gummies and now we can get our booze into the AA meeting.
by Butler Butt Clogger October 18, 2011
A nasty residue left inside one's undergarments or the bowl of a toilet after a shart, or a Craftsmanshit.
I left a Swampy Mess in my boxer briefs after that shart.
by Butler Butt Clogger January 30, 2012
When people (usually within the Greek system) get overworked and all excited about their college's homecoming weekend and football game.
It's homo-coming weekend, lets do a shot!!!
by Butler Butt Clogger October 23, 2011
a very small unit of measurement.
I was only off by a cunt's hair.
by Butler Butt Clogger October 19, 2011
Shitting of excessive diarrhea, usually induced by foreign foods.
After eating Chinese last night, I was shitting like a Wild Comanche all night, I could have practically shit through a screen door!
by Butler Butt Clogger October 18, 2011

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