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masturbate, click the mouse, get off
Kelly dries off longer than all the other girls in the cabin
by Burger March 13, 2005
A ladies private area (her clout)
can I put my willy in your velvet covered sausage wallet please.
by Burger March 28, 2005
loves Will but wont admit it the retard!!
tell us the truth bell u love him really!!! for fuks sake just admit it!!!
by burger March 19, 2004
^^^ yeah u got that rite with will & leanne!!!!!!
talk about make trouble 4 ya self!!!
by burger April 13, 2004
fuk u i aint got it i was ill for once!!!
if any one has it its toni!!!!
has she actually done a full week at school this year??!!!
she gona have social services donwn her house soon!!!
by burger April 02, 2004
haha!! ive been on that b4!!! at school!!
does "hwillifred" want me to copy those cds 4 him?
Ask him to tell u to tell Lisa to tell toni to tell evry otha fuck to tell me yeah?
by burger April 13, 2004
Collin Twins Posse, An elite crew of menaces who undergo nightly rituals such as letterboxing, the conqering of maccas and upperdecking
Word on the streets is CTP is responsible for johns revenge...
by Burger February 03, 2005
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