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Mildenhall is a market town in Suffolk, close to Newmarket and Cambridge. There are estate agents, takeaways and charity shops a-plenty in Mildenhall!! There is a US RAF base in Mildenhall, as well as being close to Lakenheath and Feltwell bases. Close villages include West Row, Lakenheath, Brandon, Beck Row and Freckenham to name but a few.
Man 1: Do you know where I can find myself a cheap little outfit for a night out?

Man 2: Yeah, why don't you try a charity shop?

Man 1: Hmmmmmm...but where to find a large selection of these shops?

by Burgatroyd April 26, 2009
West Row is a little village in Suffolk England. There are 3 US bases close by, Mildenhall, Lakenheath and Feltwell, which means there is a constant flow of American men and women through the village...good news for the local teens! There is a primary school opposite one of the village pubs so the kiddies can start early and there is a stadium down the bottom of a rather long country road...where they do bangers, speedway and greyhound racing amongst other things!
West Row, its a local place for local people...deep in the fens there'll be no trouble here!!!
by Burgatroyd April 22, 2009
1. A word used to describe a state of mind of a person who has 'lost the plot' and is unsure what is really going on in the world anymore. Rather like Baffoon!

2. The new word for sex. fabboon - sounds like scamoon, which sounds like harpoon which sounds like cartoon which begins with the same letter as canoodle = sexualness!!!

3. The brokendown dictionary definition:
fab = fabulous
boon= something to be thankfull for

1. You absolute fabboon!

2. im off to have fabboon...fancy some fabboon with me...haven't had fabboon in ages...fabboon, fabboon, fabboon....oh my absolute god of the hellfireness theres someone fabbooning in my kitchen!!!
by Burgatroyd April 22, 2009

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