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1. A word used to describe a state of mind of a person who has 'lost the plot' and is unsure what is really going on in the world anymore. Rather like Baffoon!

2. The new word for sex. fabboon - sounds like scamoon, which sounds like harpoon which sounds like cartoon which begins with the same letter as canoodle = sexualness!!!

3. The brokendown dictionary definition:
fab = fabulous
boon= something to be thankfull for

1. You absolute fabboon!

2. im off to have fabboon...fancy some fabboon with me...haven't had fabboon in ages...fabboon, fabboon, fabboon....oh my absolute god of the hellfireness theres someone fabbooning in my kitchen!!!
#baffoon #faboon #fabboonage #sex #canoodle #fabbooning
by Burgatroyd April 22, 2009
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