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6 definitions by Bunnies!

One of the worst things parents can do to devastate their child.
Divorce sucks ugh!
by Bunnies! July 29, 2011
15 6
The crappy version of an Iphone.
Bob: Yes, can I have a Blackberry.
Employee: Ok that'll be $200.
Bob: Here you go.

1 week later.....

Bob: Holy shit!! What a fucking waste of $200!!!! I knew I should've bought an Iphone!!!!! *Throws the phone into the pool* Ugh!!
by Bunnies! January 04, 2012
54 47
It's when your pussy farts.
Girl: What the fuck?! My pussy farted!
Friend: Haha!! You did what is called "queef"
by Bunnies! December 30, 2011
2 0
Best. Feeling. Ever.
OOOO OOOO HARDER! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER! OOOH YEAH! (screams) THAT FEELS SO GOOD! AHHH! I'M ON FIRE!!! AHH! DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING! AAAHHH! GOOD! (Relaxes and calms down). Can you give me another orgasm?
by Bunnies! July 29, 2011
11 9
The coolest dictionary website i've ever used. :D
Person 1: Where can i find definitions that are funny?
Person 2: urban dictionary, check it out.
by Bunnies! July 30, 2011
1 2
To do sexual activities with a member of your family. (Brother, sister, dad, mom, aunt, uncle, etc)
Person 1: Is incest illegal?
Person 2: Yes, incest is illegal.
by Bunnies! July 31, 2011
7 18