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A dish made of milk, eggs, flavoring, and sometimes sugar, boiled or baked until set.
Fuck you, I asked for custard, not bloody mayonnaise. (Link added becuase most of you probably think mayonnaise is semen.)
by Bundle Of Sticks April 06, 2004
Someone who practices discrimination based on gender. Can also be used to describe a thing, like a policy or a rule, that discriminates based upon gender.

(Sexists are not gay. (I am not saying gay people cannot be sexist. I am saying that sexists are not gay as a general rule.) If you say that it makes you a homophobe, which is not that different from sexism (in some cases no different), and no better.)
"Men are sexist pigs"
"Women are sexist bitches"
"Sexists are gay"
by Bundle Of Sticks April 04, 2004
1. A hacker who is a real retard. They usually hack a site out of "revenge" on the owner.
2. Someone who pretends they are a hacker, when they are really not. They speek leet. Some will go so far as to find a password another retard left lying aronud on a peice of paper, and if they can figure out what it corresponds to, use it and say they hacked the person.
What a hacktard!
by Bundle Of Sticks April 04, 2004
Impersonal pronoun. (Seriously, things like "cock" and "dave" are really fucking stupid.)
I was on urbandictionary.com but it stopped working.
by Bundle Of Sticks March 25, 2004
A dialect used either by people who think they are cool, or hackers (and people pretending to be hackers.) Involves replacing letters with numbers and/or symbols that look like them (and sometimes don't), and often mispelling, changing and abbreviating words. (SoMeTiMeS wRiTtEn LiKe ThIs) Is usually barely readable, and sometimes incoherent.
0Mg D00d U r t3h fu><0r3d! d0nt u kNpW u rn7 spp0zEd 2 sp33k 1337 pN tihs pH0RuM?


by Bundle Of Sticks April 04, 2004
An elephant.
Kid: Hey mummy, let's go and see the dicknose at the zoo!
Mother: Have you been on urbandictionary.com again?!?
by Bundle Of Sticks April 24, 2004

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