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1. A hacker who is a real retard. They usually hack a site out of "revenge" on the owner.
2. Someone who pretends they are a hacker, when they are really not. They speek leet. Some will go so far as to find a password another retard left lying aronud on a peice of paper, and if they can figure out what it corresponds to, use it and say they hacked the person.
What a hacktard!
by Bundle Of Sticks April 04, 2004

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One who is dumb, idiotic, stupid.

Combination of "hacking" as in hackin' idiot, and "retard".
Boy: "My favorite color is green, that's why I love the sky so much."
Girl: "You hacktard! The sky is blue!"
by TheHackin'Shiz December 12, 2008