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anyway man a slab is an old school car with,rims&vogues,wood wheel,pop trunk,or anything of that nature
i got a slab sittin in my yard its a 88 oldsmobile
by Bun B November 13, 2005
man tippin 44s means when you rollin on 84 cadillac wheels they only came out in 1984 for certain cadillacs get it right ppl they're some 30 spoke rims and no they don't go up to any size larger than 18" you stupid fucks rip dj srew
still tippin on 44's wrapped in fo vogues pimpin fo hoes and i'm packin 44's, still tippin 44's
by Bun B November 01, 2005
Sip of eight is pretty much 8oz of tuss mixed with sprite
Just having fun with a sip of eight
by Bun B November 01, 2005

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