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noun: A heterosexual male who has been trained by his wife or girlfriend to watch female oriented shows such as "The Bad Girls Club", "Flavor of Love", Lifetime Channel, and the like.

"Jason came to the realization that he had become a Man-Bitch when he chose to watch a Lifetime Movie with his wife instead of the Giants football game."
by BuggieBlade March 05, 2008
(Usually preceded by "You (One) Need (Needs) to...")

-Telling somebody who is in an excited or overly emotional state to calm down.

-Made famous by Lyric's Mom on "Bad Girls Club"
"After his wife finished yelling at him for not properly drying off after he finished his shower, Jason just simply looked at her angered face and told her, "You need to Watch a Tyra", as he hung the wet towel back on the towel rack."
by BuggieBlade March 19, 2008
-A scene in a television show, movie, or other form of televised media usually denotd by a soft, down-tempo, piano solo. Could range from lovers reuniting, to the loss of a loved one, to a life-lesson being taught. Intent is to either teach a lesson or invoke an emotion.
"He knew a tender moment was coming as they cued the slow piano music and showed a musical montage as the reality-show contestant was being kicked off."
by BuggieBlade March 12, 2008

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