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This Woman was a famous women in the 14th century who directed a French battle and war, called the Hundred Year War against the British. She died at the stake after she was caught by the damn Brits and was burned on the file of the fact that she was a witch. She was actually a very nice Woman, as my great great great great grandfather knew her closely. She was sainted after her death, and she has been turned into a Yu-Gi-Oh! card.
Joan of Arc was such an awesome saint, she was so cool! She was defenitely not a slut!
by BuckSnort December 20, 2005
A person who is usually someobdy who performs sexual acts if payment is arranged or they may do it as a favor because they just want to get laid. also see whore, slut, laid.
Oh my god you dirty prostitute whore! I cant believe you brought me here!...I'll see you in my room in five minutes.
by BuckSnort December 27, 2005

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