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1. a place that gar (a cartilaginous fish) might inhabit - murky, foul smelling, rotten, nasty.

2. By the same token, a place that is nasty, run down, smells bad, etc.

3. A place that one would not want to enter, much less live in.
1. "That bar is such a garhole; I can't believe you went there!"

2. "Dude, pick up your underwear, flush the toilets,and throw out the garbage - this place looks and smells like a garhole!"

3. "Bro, where did you pick up that girl, a garhole?"
#dive #shithole #tobacco roadhouse #cool place(antonym) #gar palace
by bubless June 20, 2010
Passing gas...and something extra.
Careful with that Mexican food - you'll have the juicy poots!

Whoa, your shorts look like you had the juicy poots last night.

I gotta go home - just had a juicy poot!
#shart #powder burns #skid marks #booty drizzle #crease grease.
by Bubless July 20, 2012
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