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A person, usually the girlfriend/boyfriend of a Bubby, who is amazing! They are perfect in every single way.

They are the definition of exterior and interior beauty.

They have a smile that will light up a room and that will, no matter how bad of a day you are having, cause you to smile. They have eyes that are very strong, that can look right through you and force you to show the real you, but at the same time are so insanely soft that you can become lost in them forever.

They have the most amazing personality. They are usually very well mannered, very sincere, and just an over all adorable person.

A Bubster can cause you to become awestruck, breathless, enamored, smitten, infatuated.

If you are to fall in love with a Bubster, never let go. They are the most beautiful living creatures on this planet. If you are so lucky to have one, hold on tight. Cherish every moment you have with it and treat it like you would want to be treated. Treat it with the utmost love, for that is what it deserves.
"So I hear you saw a Bubster the other day."
"Yeah man! It was amazing! Easily the most majestic thing I have ever seen!"
"Man! That Bubby is sooo lucky."
by Bubby14 December 19, 2011

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