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Right before ejaculation, the male spreads his legs, bends his knees, grabs his member with both hands, and yells "Kyaaaaah" at the top of his lungs while ejaculating.

May or may not actually involve sex.
I gave Cathy the Dirty Samurai last night. Gotta clean the carpet now.
by Bubbabobobbrain July 22, 2008
Performing a motorboat on someone's ass while making the lip-slapping noise of Boss Nass and dipping your tongue into the person's anus.
Ahh, Jaja! Whatsa yousa need issa deepa dickin'! Den I giva you de Gungan Fisherman! HHHRRRRBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBL!!
by Bubbabobobbrain July 23, 2008
It's where you get a group of guys to gangbang the same girl in the same hole every day for like two months straight. Then, at the end of it, they 'drill' a new hole and you cheer every time someone comes out.
That bitch got The Chilean Miner treatment. It was on every cable news channel.
by Bubbabobobbrain December 07, 2010
When one guy stands at attention with his dong hanging out while another guy makes the mountain climber pose. The mountain climber then grabs the guy's dong and pulls like he's grabbing a rope to make his way up Mt. Everest. The guy getting pulled must then yodel for the climber to stop once it becomes too painful.
Me and my buddy saw Cliffhanger the other night and decided to do the mountain climber.
by Bubbabobobbrain July 22, 2008

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