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an educated, beautiful woman that realizes people envy her and as a result put up nasty name definitions on a website when they should really be focused on their small, meaningless lives...ex. deepa the person
Deepa's going to kick your ass.
by asfdd December 19, 2005
noun. a beautiful Indian Princess with an off the chart IQ and yes, those are her real eyes.

adj. longingly; having no chance in hell
Rando #1: Wow, that chick is amazing at Beirut! I want to look Deepa into her eyes.

Ranod #2. Yeah dude, I heard she was in that fall out boy video!

Danielle: Well, you can't. Because she's a pre-med neuroscience-economics double major, b*tch!
by djoset April 26, 2009
sexy indian chick. hot face, hot body. everyone seems to know her....everyone wants to do her. somehow she still seems to talk to any and every loser on the block.
"Yo dude, did you see Deepa at that party last weekend? slammin!"
"Yeah, but she was chatting up some clown. typical."
by dont know who November 28, 2007
deep throat
oh man.. did u see that? fareed got some deepa from deepa!
by Nikus April 26, 2004
big round boobs. every guy wants to hit it. every other guy has.
Mark: yo baby, can i get some?!
Deepa: after i'm done giving Billy head, i'll play with your needle dick and touch your little balls.
by Michael April 18, 2005
n. a very horny girl from the isle of staten
adj. very horny, ex. as in Deepa the person
v. to be horny, ex. as in Deepa the person
Deepa from St. John's University
by asfd December 15, 2003
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