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Main arc number in Homestuck canon. According to Terezi Pyrope, it is the number of the "BL1ND PROPH3TS." Not coincidentally, Terezi's dialect of leetspeak has "A," "I," and "E" replaced with 4, 1, and 3, respectively, with no other letters given 133t counterparts. The webcomic began on April 13, 2009, and the entirety of the human protagonists' side of the story takes place on that date, which is also the 13th birthday of John Egbert, who is one of the four thirteen-year-old human protagonists. The Exiles' story takes place 413 years after those events. Other connections within the comic are too numerous to pack into this definition.
Ex. 1 (From Terezi's introduction page) "Your trolltag is gallowsCalibrator and you SP34K W1TH TH3 NUM3R4LS TH3 BL1ND PROPH3TS ONC3 US3D."

Ex. 2 (From Andrew Hussie's twitter account): "guys did you know i'm moving to area code 413???"
by Bryarkriv April 21, 2011
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