18 definitions by Bruce Citron

a white girl
Johnny is going to get some pink bootie.
by Bruce Citron August 24, 2003
1.the boss; 2.a person who uses this thinks he is superior to another
"I'm you daddy!"
by Bruce Citron September 14, 2003
1. to have feelings of prejudice
"You been hatin' on me!"
by Bruce Citron September 14, 2003
mano nera \man'-o ner'-a\ n. Italian, lit. black hand. 1.a gang that originated in central Italy in the Abruzzi Region in late 1800 and early 1900. Mano Nera is not to be considered the same as Cosa Nostra (our thing) that originated in Sicily. The gang's activity was extortion. Their calling card was a single left-handed glove left on the door step of the person who did not pay. Popular writers who claim that the calling card was the black hand stamp do not have first hand source of the actual calling card.
"If you do not pay the extortion money to the mano nera, you may find a single black left-handed glove on your doorstep. Then you better look out!" Luigi said to Giovanni
by Bruce Citron February 16, 2007
a good time
Dressed with clothes like that, you can get some job easy.
by Bruce Citron September 21, 2003
four hundred fifty
Turn to page fo fitty.
by Bruce Citron September 14, 2003
an african-american who drives around in a pick up truck and listens to his boom box
I saw a black red neck the other day playing his music so loud.
by Bruce Citron September 21, 2003

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