18 definitions by Bruce Citron

caseworker, welfare worker, social worker
"Are you you going to see your food stamp lady?" Markishia said.
by Bruce Citron October 01, 2009
1. It is a standard misunderstanding and/or insult.
"You momma..." said Donte. "What do you mean, my mamma? You momma!" Them's fightin' words.
by Bruce Citron September 14, 2003
urban way of saying the word "good"
"Have a goot one!" means "Have a good day!"
by Bruce Citron May 09, 2010
grill-urban for the word "mouth"
"I'm going to smash his grill!" means "I'm going to give him a fat lip!"
by Bruce Citron May 09, 2010

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