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when you have a moustache made of jizzle.
you got a little.. uhh... right under your nose.
by brownsound September 22, 2004
To stretch someones rectum to the point of pain.
Man... Jill's rectum was stretched so out of porportion it was weird.
by brownsound October 05, 2004
Having anal sex with a girl, then with shit on your weiner, you make her then suck your cock.
She wanted to be srulfed, so I did.
by Brownsound September 10, 2004
when someone is constipated then you relieve them of it by having anal, which could result in shit all over you.
She was horny.. wanted anal, but didn't tell me she was constipated. I was the plumber that night.
by Brownsound September 10, 2004
what I did to my girlfriend last night.
I smudged her all over, she loved it.
by brownsound September 22, 2004
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