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3 definitions by Brownbottom Cupcake

Spontaneously jizz in your pants
After having not masturbated in two days, I knick knacked in my pants during geography class.
by Brownbottom Cupcake May 04, 2009
7 7
When a guy is trying to fuck a girl, but consistently pokes around the vagina unable to find the slit.
I bruised the top of my penis becuase i paddy whacked this girl for like three minutes.
by Brownbottom Cupcake May 04, 2009
9 22
When you are fingering a girl and you pull out too quickly. Your finger is thus suddenly trapped by the Venus fly trap-like vagina. Only when you re-enter, and release slowly, is your finger able to exit.
She almost dislocated my finger when she Chinese Finger Trapped me.
by Brownbottom Cupcake May 04, 2009
24 53