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5 definitions by Brova

1. The capital of Egypt

2. General term for somewhere really far away.
A: What took you so long?
B: I had to park all the way in fucking Cairo.
by Brova October 28, 2007
57 31
A field of negro science that involves the nigger rigging of machines designed to work entirely beyond the Earth's atmosphere. An emerging field of nigger technology.
Tyrone is an expert in negronautical engineering; he's going to the moon in a fried-chicken powered rocket.
by brova November 22, 2007
24 9
A complimentary term for a person of the negro race with exceptional skills at telling the future, despite his/her racial handicap.
"My black accountant told me to invest in Google stock and I made a fortune."
"What a negrodamus!"
by brova November 21, 2007
160 151
(verb) To masturbate without the use of one's hands or any other objects. This is accomplished by flexing the PC muscles for an extended period of time.
After ghosthanding for hours, I finally Peter Northed all over your mother's face.
by Brova December 07, 2007
6 3
1. Two girls, one cup.

2. An extremely fucked up situation.
I dumped my girlfriend when I found out she was a cupchick.
by Brova October 28, 2007
9 7