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Having sex with a broad. Originated by the one and only Nature Boy Ric Flair.
This girl is gonna take a ride on space mountain tonight. Woooooo!
by Brother Brad June 21, 2010
someone who just acts like a scumbag in general and can never be trusted
Who invited that scumfuck to the party?
by Brother Brad September 06, 2009
a really ugly person
Man, that guy over there is an UGSON!
by Brother Brad January 24, 2009
Awesome, tight, cool
Man, this food is so fie!
by Brother Brad June 27, 2011
Abbreviation/slang for McDonald's.
Let's go hit up Don's, those McChickens are delicious.
by Brother Brad September 06, 2009
another word for a douche bag or someone who's acting like an asshole
What's wrong with him? He's acting like a real titbag.
by Brother Brad September 06, 2009

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