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A Supposid right that for 160 years served as a ket component of the New Zealand democracy until it was robbed by that common bloodstained criminal hlene clark in the "name" of the war on terrorism
Fuck you Helen Clark if you further restrict the freedom of speech in New Zealand then the only criminal is you ya fucking bloodstained common criminal.
by Brother Number One July 24, 2005
abbr. for Member of Parliament in countrys with the Westminster system of Government
Paul Swain (nz) Alexander Downer (Au) Thabo Mbeki (SA), Paul Martin (CA) Jack Straw (UK)
by Brother Number One May 29, 2005
a website that pathetic attention-starved morons put there pics (often scantly clothed slappers and clean cut preppy fags) and profile onto so the world can rate "how cute they are) - how sick can these freaks get? get a REAL life you lameoids
sarah-jane put her pics
by Brother Number One November 01, 2003
originally a Hotel Bar - a place where men would go after work and get as pissed as a 2 bob watch then stay the night at one of the many top floor rooms provided, but times have changed and most Hotels are now discoteques and cafe bars, although the few that still remain in there original form are places where drunken unemployed bums spend there days drinking rather than trying to find work, at night there are darts competitions
The Albion Hotel
by Brother Number One May 05, 2004
a hillarous pronounciation of the male reproductive system.
Mike Rutch has no PNRZ
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004
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