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A girl who simply likes to party. Every weekend she is seen at a party either drinking, dancing, or mingling. She may go home drunk or completly sober. Commonly associated with being whore, they are usually just 'wild childs', that party hard. This could include becoming drunk, or either taking a guy home with them(and some don't even sex with the guy!). Party girls are actually very nice and are very good friends; especially if one of them gets drunk or just simply wants to go home. They are also sometimes found smoking a cigerette.
Tiffany: There's a party tonight at Jim's.
Amanda: It's Thursday!
Tiffany: And? Girly, it's the weekend! And it's just getting started! You have got to come!
Amanda: (*Chuckles) Tiff, your such a party girl! There's gonna be parties all weekend long!
Tiffany: And I, I mean we, are going to be at every one!
by BrokeRich January 04, 2009
Founded in 1899 by John Tarleton (and maybe even his duck Oscar P!) it's an undercover party school that's sometimes referred to as 'generic',
'bootleg', or 'little' A&M. Tarleton is big on traditions and school spirit. Located smack in the middle of Stephenville, Tx (also known as the 'Cowboy Capital of the World'); the 'country' look and lifestyle has rubbed off on a majority of the students, so be prepared to see boots and Wranglers (Tarleton is also an Ag school). Everyone is very friendly, polite, and nice, and the men will always hold the door open for a lady. Unfortunatly Tarleton has become infamous for the 'incident' with an MLK party that occured in January of 2007, but from a first hand account the students are NOT racist! Tarleton as mentioned earlier, is a true party school. Most people leave the parties drunk or completly shit face, but no worries, there's always a designated driver. Fraternities or other various student organizations are big on campus, and many people join them. The weekend starts on Thursday evening and ends at about 4 or 5 o'clock on Sunday morning. Bar nights are a way of life, and you'll meet many many amazing people. You'll get a quality education and it has some of the cheapest tuition in the state. All in all its a wonderful place to go, if you want to attend a smaller university.
(April of Senior Year)
Chelsea: I got accepted into Tarleton State University!
John: Where's that at?
Chelsea: Stephenville!
John: Ha, yeah, you have fun in the middle of nowhere!
Chelsea: Whatever!

6 months later
Chelsea: Woohoo! I'm having soo much fun out at Tarleton! How have things been for you?
John: Dude, my college is so lame! I'm so bored. Sorry for bashing Tarleton way back when!
Chelsea: It's okay!
John: So, uh, do you know the transfer requirements?
Chelsea: Oh, John! Haha!
by BrokeRich December 21, 2008
Black girls that are gaga over white boys. Typically found at predominetly white ag universities like A&M, Tarleton, and Sul Ross, they like to party, drink beer, and will drunkenly make out with the nearest white boy. That's not to say they are sluts they just wanna have fun. Will typically get engaged or married to white guy later on in life. They enjoy rides in pick-up trucks, will listen to country music and can drink with the best of them.
Dude, that black chick Chelsea is to totally 'white boy crazy'.
by BrokeRich December 20, 2008
A kid whose parents are pretty loaded, and yet the are brokest person you know. BrokeRich kids don't recieve an allowance; have to hustle and scrape up lunch money just like everybody else. In fact, you would think they were just like you, until they get picked up from school in a Benz. Generally pretty nice kids.
Girl A: Damn, I got lucky, I found a dollar in my backpack. I can pay for lunch now.
Girl B: Aren't you rich as fuck? Why are you scraping up change for lunch money?
Girl A: Yeah, but girl my parents have all the money, I'm just BrokeRich.
by BrokeRich March 20, 2009
Love it or hate it, a car that will make people envy you or want to fuck you. The only sports car left standing after Camaro and Firebird bit the dust. A reason to have an inflated ego and think your one B.A.M.F! Can also make you look 10x sexier/hotter than before.
Guy A: Dude, did you just see that chick?
Guy B: The one that just got out that Mustang?
Guy A: Yeah!
Guy B: She is dog ass ugly!
Guy A: Right now, yeah, but when she was behind the wheel of that Mustang she was smokin'
by BrokeRich March 23, 2009
Generally very nice and loving girls that seem very bonded to one another, they are typically the left overs that no other sorority wanted and normally lack in beauty and weight control. They are sometimes teased with jokes like: 'Rattle, rattle, here come the cattle!', 'Phi Moo', and/or 'That girls a Phi Who?'. They are the second oldest sorority in the nation, their colors are rose and white, and their mascot is the lion.
Girl A: I'm pledging Phi Mu!
Girl B: Oh, that's nice. They're some pretty nice girls.
Girl C: Rattle, rattle, here come the cattle!
by BrokeRich March 20, 2009

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