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One of the most kick ass bands ever.
by Brock February 03, 2005
Froggy-to feel lively or perky; Usually hinting towards the use of intoxicants.
My my, feeling froggy today huh? It's not even 4:30 and you're fried!
by Brock April 11, 2004
cool ; pimp ; good ; awesome ; great
Dayum yo! Dat shizz is swazz!
by Brock November 10, 2003
Beer, malt liquor beverage shared amongst friends
After the game Kwame shared a few wobbly pops with his team mates
by Brock April 20, 2004
The state of being moo-like. One being good, the other being bad.
Good: "Thats moo-ish.."
Bad: "Thats really freaking moo-ish..."
by Brock June 29, 2004
a gathering in whitch most of the gatheres are female.
the party was a complete minge fest
by brock February 15, 2004
a shady act or person
dizzam yo dat shizz aint swankesque it be quibbles

yo nug, you quibblin'
by brock November 12, 2003
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