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a white guy, usualyy with a fro, who is gangsta
G-rag will fuck you up cuz he's from trillville cuz!!
by Britany March 19, 2004
Skaters are total weirdoes!!!
They wear shity clothing and they all need a good slap!!
Some of em ave bits of metal sticking out of their faces such as there lips and nose and it looks crap!!!
and get this i no a skater hu has his belly-button pierced and im sorry but that really isnt right. i swear he must be gay or sumint cuz he looks like a total pussy!!
And whats with skating in the streets, now that really pisses me off!!! why cant they all fuck off to a skate park(no offence to the skaters who already use the skate park)!!!
lets face it most girls including myself prefer to ave a guy that wears a nice pair of jeans that are tight round his ass and a shirt with the collar popped. None of this shit that skaters wear.
So to round off, i think that skaters need to sort themselves out!!!
Skater: Hiya Babe
Pretty girl: Fuck off you ugly skater scum!!!
by Britany September 29, 2004
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