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An inconspicuous, otherwise neutral Nordic male with an unnervingly thick penis also known as the Swedish Torpedo. Swedish Torpedo is reminiscent of a nuclear mushroom cloud, and is usually demonstrated by its owner when there is a need to assert himself in an effortlessly superior way. Swedish Torpedo is a rare and precious occurrence. It is speculated that Swedish Torpedo is an evolutionary tool to ensure the steady reproduction levels among Scandinavians, when natural means such as aggressiveness, heterosexuality and chest hair have been eliminated by the evolutionary process.
E: guess what, Swedish Torpedo is coming for a visit.
T: Cool, you might get laid!
E: It is not that hard to get laid!
T: Yeah, but Swedish Torpedo is one of a kind. A nice thick penis is hard to turn down.
by Brigittathedanishtennisplayer October 20, 2010

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