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From, the Greek word meaning
"no place." Yet, people still believe in utopia, and thinks it can be achieved. Utopia is far too simple for me. I dream of a human world which is self-organized, the way the rest of nature is. The problem with human beings is we cannot relate to each other at all. Our minds create this reality of each other and ourselves. Truth is our prespective. We invent the "facts" and the theories that come from them. All I can say change the facts and theories that come from your facts. Don't rely on technocratic rationalist approaches. Don't rely on government, religion, or the media. Same goes for academia and morality. The only power we have is turn creation on it's head with our own creations. The universe will be what it wants to be - us or not. Use compassion, honesty, and trust in the universe. And if you can't do this, try some X a couple of times. Look to chaos theory, evolution, Gaiaian Theory, relativity, and amorality. Utopia sucks. Find a reality you can live in.
Any animal not a human being lives in a utopian mindset.
by Brighteyeburn21 September 14, 2004

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