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to slap someone in the face and call that person a "faggot"
I just faggot slapped Bennett.
by Bridell April 19, 2008
to throw up a hand gesture that shows other people that you have authority over them
When Bennett didnt get me a drink, I dropped an a-bomb on him and immediately jumped to the task.
by Bridell April 19, 2008
While you are playing COD4 "Call of Duty 4" online and one of your friends is at your house you and you switch off controllers after a player dies. An "angel life" is when you take an extra life after you die so you get another turn before you pass the controller.
"Hey Joe, I'm going to take an 'angel life' because I'm on killing streaks.
by Bridell April 19, 2008
Any "next gen gaming system" that depicts and projects graphics and a story line that is significantly close to realism.
Hey Ryan, fuck that PS1 bullshit, lets play on the Reality Box
by Bridell April 27, 2008

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