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A Detroit Emcee. One of the most slept on in the game. The best rapper in the midwest... And thats coming from a Chicago nigga.
I done paid my dues
I done learned more from my mistakes that I done learned in any grade in my school.
by brian walker August 09, 2005
An neighborhood on the southside of Chicago consisting of streets 100th to 138th. 98% African American.
We were riding through the hundreds yesterday.
by Brian Walker August 01, 2005
To cause the jaw to be wired or have a wired jaw.
If he keep talking shit I'ma kanye his ass.
by Brian Walker August 28, 2005
Oral sex performed on a male.
She gave me some jaw last night.
by Brian Walker August 01, 2005
a bird that cannot fly straight. Someone not responsible with money.
by Brian Walker October 01, 2003
One of Jadakiss' names. Referring to his somewhat scratchy voice.
They call me Raspy
Tell you what I want you to know
Fuck what you ask me
You probably don't want me to blow
by brian walker August 11, 2005
A girl that lives more than a 15 minute drive away that acts like they don't want to get freaky when you get over there.
Rick: Kesha called me at 2am and told me to come over.
James: Oh yea, what happened.
Rick: She's a Waste of Gas, we didn't do anything.
by Brian Walker September 10, 2005

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