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Strong, cheap alcoholic beverages sold and drunk with the sole intention of temporarily relieving the drinker of his or her miserable existence. Almost always drunk by the homeless and unemployed and supplied by unscrupulous bastards in Off Licenses who keep a hidden supply of cold tins behind the counter for sale at £1.39 a pop.

Strictly speaking the term applies to White Lightning cider and its many even more disgusting imitations. It is erroneously applied to superstrength lager (Tennents Super, Carlsberg Special Brew etc and to other drinks associated with the homeless and unemployed (English sherry, cheap vodka and even cheaper whisky)
I finally managed to drift off to sleep after drinking a four pack of tramp piss.
by Brian Munich November 11, 2006
The human male's generative organ. This modern term for the penis is due to the tool in question's marked resemblance to the principal miscreant in the Star Wars movies of the late seventies and early eighties. Except pink.
Han Solo wrestling with the Pink Darth Vader is an extremely well constructed euphemistic term for male masturbation.
by Brian Munich May 21, 2008
A large pair of top bollocks, derived from the folically challenged stars of depressing, long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders.
Gary: "Look at the norks on that"
Dave: "Fuck me, it's The Mitchell Brothers"
by Brian Munich August 28, 2006
1) A diminutive striker for West Ham United and Everton in the eighties and nineties

2) The anus, from modern Cockney rhyming slang (Tony Cottee = botty)
LD: I tried to take her up the Tony Cottee but my nob was too big so I just jizzed on her back instead.
by Brian Munich August 29, 2006
Slang term for the vagina used in similar contexts to its many and varied synonyms. Formed from the first two letters of 'twat' and the last three of 'cunt'.
"That twunt got that fit bird twunted and got hold of her twunt last Saturday. The dirty twunt."

by Brian Munich October 29, 2006

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