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4 definitions by Brian C

A woman who falsely encourages a man with the appearance of offering more than they are actually willing to take part in. See Fraud.
by Brian C September 24, 2003
to be responsible for something, owe money
When the Patriots did not cover the point spread in the Super Bowl, Dave was on the hook for $3000.
by Brian C February 15, 2005
broholmsian in origin.

1)used imply friendship, brother hood, or describe someone as good, bad, cool.
2)euphimism for a phallus
1) what up naggle?"
2)"shaggle my naggle"
by brian c April 21, 2004
To speak like a homosexual. Using lisps instead of pronouncing your words like a straight person.
Man I couldn't understand a word from that latino at Taco Bell, I swear he was talking dick!
by Brian C March 30, 2005