used to replace the word nigga or nigger. often used by non-african-americans who are afraid to drop the "n-bomb".
naggle please

more confused than a little naggle on fathers day
by chuck February 01, 2005
a group of n*ggers. it is used in the same sense as the world "gaggle" which refers to a group of geese.

naggle, in this sense, was originally coined in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, where they are an uncommon, unsettling sight.
Maxwell: Did you see that naggle looking at the house for sale down the street?
Sally: Yes, Maxwell. It looks as if the neighborhood is really going to shit.
by ScottyDont April 26, 2008
noun, verb, adjective
1 a girl or woman that bothers you all the time
2 a nagging girlfriend, wife, or mother

1 naggle
2 naggled

1 naggler
1 My wife is a naggle.
2 She naggled me until i gave her the credit card.
3 The group of naggles went to the mall.
4 She looks like a naggler.
5 She naggled me to death after i didnt come home last night.
by DuJohnson January 12, 2009
Rampant and unwanted anal pounding, usually resulting in bleeding
Look how she is walking, she must have gotten naggled!
by Holy Crap Man June 21, 2009
A buttock, also known as a butt cheek. (Cuban-American slang, from the Spanish "nalga", meaning buttock.)
My left naggle is fatter than my right naggle.

HEY! Who grabbed my naggle?!

Rub my naggles for good luck.
by Jannine S. October 19, 2007
A group of wives or girlfriends.
My SWMBO and her naggle of friends are going out for wine.
by Cheesefood75 October 18, 2007
Naggle: a comedic word used to describe any noun, or used as an adjective. Some may associated it with the word n*gger, however the original meaning, which was created by a group in Toronto, ONT.(myself included) had no negative or racist connotations. It is purely for laughter and therefore positive and not racist. This word has several variations such as naggledom, naggler, naggled.
Latin: Nagglus Maximus- a respectable citizen.
ex. Wassup with those naggles. Good to naggle you. Its the naggle way. You naggled me. His naggle was strong. That place was full of naggles.
common expressions:Nagglerific. Finaggled. Dirtnagle. Whitenaggle. To naggle or not to naggle, that is the naggledom. naggle,naggle, naggle!. What Naggledom!
by Andre Corsetto March 13, 2008

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