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Only team in NFL history to ever complete a season undefeated and win the Super Bowl.
The Miami Dolphins sure do make a great team when they play together.
by Brian December 29, 2004
MASS. version of the word "really"

"holy shit, sully, it's wicked hawt out heah..lets go ovah to the havahd bah and beat up some smaht kids"
by brian November 19, 2002
Also known as Pleasantville, recognizable by the "cookie-cutter" style homes (homes that all look exactly the same). Ahwatukee is a place where you think you're growing up but you really dont, because its far from the real world. There's an unnecessary number of police in the area for a town where absolutely nothing happens, and the streets die at midnight every friday night because of high schoolers plagueing the streets. The biggest social aspect of Tukee? AMC 24. The huge yearly event? The sad Ahwatukee Bowl between DVHS and MPHS. 16 year old kids drive around cars nicer than most parents, and the boys think they're tough shit. Don't be swayed by the underage girls although they dress like 30 year old single, unmarriable women. Abercrombie is overused, and parents are overprotective. Welcome to the worlds biggest cul-de-sac, all the shit that comes in gets stuck here.
Pleasantville + Silvertown(Joe Dirt) + Leave it to Beaver = Ahwatukee
by Brian January 31, 2005
Kiss my ass
kma you asshole!
by Brian October 06, 2002
1. One who is somewhere they do not belong.
2. One who moved South after the Civil War to get rich. They take over all jobs, land, money, offices, and tell everyone how to live.
3. My neighbors. See "soccer mom" and "yuppie."
The carpet baggers say we can't say "black" anymore because it's PC.
by Brian November 27, 2003
An organization dedicated to providing fundamental life-skills and leadership training for young men and women. Membership requires dedication, honor, and character.
Neil Armstrong was an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

PS - way to spell camporee, idiot
by Brian December 12, 2003
short for featuring. When an artist/band brings another artist/band into one of their songs, normally to make it more popular or for the second artist to make easy $$.
The greatest song to feature two artists its obviously "Under Pessure" by Queen feat. David Bowie. Dont give me any of that fiddy feat. olivia crap on the radio now.
by brian September 05, 2005

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