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7 definitions by Brewcrewster

people or persons deeply affiliated with myspace ideals and culture.
my sister turned into a tomunist, shes trying to get me to join.

person one: yo dude whats that thing on your browser
person two:"MYSPACE BITCH"
person one: *walks off* *grumble*

person one: Damn Tomunist.

by Brewcrewster June 13, 2007
absolutely evreything
used when at a loss for words
i just got this really great... um ... o god... mar-a-larn

this resturaunt is... marn-a-larn

and in conclusion, the fall of the aserian empire was due to the fact that... marn-a-larn

or just in everday conversation :
hi jeff
jeff: marn-a-larn?
by Brewcrewster March 30, 2006
a homemade drug consisting of oxycontin

(can be cut with bicarbonate for an extra kick.)
homemade speed

"man gimme some of that kiddy crack"

"i need a hit of that KC right now man"
by Brewcrewster March 11, 2006
an inhalent made from concentrated laundry softeners
when he wanted a quick buzz all he had to do was make some LDI's
by brewcrewster March 14, 2006
a great exclamation of joy.

man 1: i just bought us lottery tickets
man 2: u know the chances of that stuff. psha
three days later...
man 1: i threw away my ticket, your right the lottery is bullshit
man 2: turn on the news:
(television announcer): and the winning numbers are ...
man 2: i won!!!
man 1: oh my god
man 2: YAY SAUCE!!!!!!
by Brewcrewster March 29, 2006
her name is yasmin

yasmin is a girl who uses mental and physical domintation over her boy toys

thats the way i like it ;)

dont worry its your turn next week.
damn yaz is hot, but watch out man shes totally into sodomy

poor guy: oh shit i thought this was just gonna be a blowjob
yasmin: hehehe *whip cracks*
poor guy: aaa the dominatrix!
by Brewcrewster June 22, 2006
Nice body and or tight ass. having or pertaining to a sweet body/ass
"That girl over there has a great laffy taffy"
"im gonna go get a peice of that laffy taffy"
by Brewcrewster February 28, 2006