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The orgasmic feeling a woman gets after taking her bra off after a long day.
When I get home from work the first thing I do is take my bra off and say, "ahh, boobgasm"!
by Brett January 18, 2004
to get caught, arrested, or captured by police or some other authority figure.
The cops saw us skipping school so we all got roped up.
by Brett August 29, 2003
N. That to which one dedicates his or her life in the enlightenment that one cannot attain a signifigant other.
"I killed Diablo on hell two-hundred times in a row, and all I got was a lousy ichorsting."
by Brett March 18, 2003
A show that has gone downhill since ZdTv turned into Techtv and then into complete garbage G4Techtv
Watch out there goes G4 they might just try and turn you into a worthless host!
by Brett August 23, 2004
when you get real sweaty and your ball sack sticks to your legs and you spread them.
yo i just got done bangin' moniqua and i got so sweaty i had a batwing.
by Brett September 05, 2004
A big, fat ass
Look at the badunkadunk on that girl!
by brett March 28, 2004
When you take a strip of duct tape and set it on the asphalt, sticky side up and wait for a car to run over it. Then it will stick to a cars tire and slap against its body and make it sound like the car has a flat tire.
Did you go taping last night?
by Brett November 29, 2003
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