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A smile having an orgasm.
Dude1: Oh dude look at that smile it's totally orgasming
Dude2: That's called a laugh...
by Brenden H October 15, 2006
Slang for don't know.
Dude1: Yo dude what do you want to do today?
Dude2: Bownow... What do you want to do today?
by Brenden H January 07, 2006
The pieces of corn left in your shit after you take a dump.
Dude1: I just took a shit... and theres corn floating in it.
Dude2: That's shit corn man...
by Brenden H December 11, 2007
A shitty car usually "pimped out" to look cool. The rims usually are over done and look stupid.

The car is usually owned by a "wigger" or a weak "thug" and is usually an old Honda/Suzuki or Mitsubishi.
Eric: Wal*mart huh? Any good cars go?
Jt: Yeah there are some good cars there that race. Then there is the car with rims.
by Brenden H August 05, 2007
The female reproductive system. Also know as a vagina.
"Dude I totally stuck my pork sword in Sarahs axe mark last night"
by Brenden H April 27, 2008
Peanuts stuck in your shit ater taking a dump.
Dude1: There was some shit peanuts when I walked into the bathroom stall today and some asshole didn't flush
by Brenden H December 11, 2007

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