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1 definition by Bremsahx2

Hayley is the prettiest girl in her class. Always laughing and boys fall in love with her long hair ever so easily. She's as funny as she is smart, at the same time a complete man. She wrestles and beats up her guy friends for fun. Her best friends names are along the lines of " Jen, Caroline, and Sierra" but its hard to name her friends because she has so many. She can hold onto a relationship, but she flirts around at the same time and in the end it comes back to haunt her. Doesn't give two shits about people care about her. Oh and she has amazing tits.
Hayley: dude i have a pit infection so i can't shave wanna see?
Boy: No
Hayley: (Shows her pit)
Boy : hahahah i love you
by Bremsahx2 January 16, 2011