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One who habitually ingest drugs, or is always high on something.
Derived from the Donkey Kong 64 character "Chunky Kong".
"Dude is Carl ever not high?" "Nah man, he's a total junkie kong"
by Breendo January 12, 2011
The journey one must take on their way to a booty call. Usually used in cases of longer distance traveling e.g. out of town.
"You still bangin' that one chick?"

"Yeah its like 30 minute drive though"

"That's one hell of a cummute"
by Breendo November 11, 2011
a reference to a level of intoxication by marijuana. used only in cases where "really high" or "super fucking high" won't suffice.
"i feel like gravity is like a latex suit we wear that's attached to the center of the earth. and when we move up it just stretches and pulls us down"

"Dude your fucking megadong high"
by Breendo November 08, 2011
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