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Fisting so far that it is considered ludicrous. Anything past the elbow is considered ludifisting.
"Sup man?"
"I was getting lucky yesterday."
"I was ludifisting a girl last night!"
"Holy shit, I didn't know anyone actually did that..."
by Branop October 05, 2011
That one weird guy that walks around the city looking like he's stoned all the time.
"I just saw Stoner Guy again"
"Yeah man, I see him all the time"
by Branop November 08, 2011
A vagina that is more open than it is deep.
"Sup man?"

"I dumped my girlfriend last night..."
"I figured out she has a nasty vachode last night!"
"That's nasty"
by Branop October 17, 2011
People on facebook or other social networks who capitalize every word of their sentences, misspell words and stretch out some parts. They occasionally seem to not know how to use punctuation either. Another common characteristic of these people is adding a smiley at the end of what they say.
Status: "Mann ! Todayy Wuz An Awsum Dayy . Cann't Waitt Untill Tomorrow ! (:"

Guy reads and thinks: "Wow. I hate Peeople Dat Typee Likee Diss.!"
by Branop October 16, 2011
When a dick is ridiculous in size.
"Hey Kate, how are you and your boyfriend?"
"Good...he has a 10 incher!"
"That's rebigdickulous!"
by Branop October 21, 2011

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