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199 definitions by Brandon

To grab somebody, usually a person of the opposite sex, by the back of the head and press their face such that their nose is firmly sealed against your asshole. You then break wind, making a "snare drum" sensation that is pleasant for both parties.
Guy 1: Why does Cindy's have shit in her nostrils?

Guy 2: You didn't hear? We were pounding that loud-ass snare drum all night long.

Guy 1: Sweet-ass dude. I'm happy for both of you.
by Brandon March 22, 2004
A brown duck that usually lives in small bodies of water such as ponds or streams.
Give bread crumbs to the falloople in the pond or it will eat you alive!
by Brandon December 12, 2004
A large poof of pubic-style hair resembling a large brillo pad. Usually accompanied by a "pick."
Ice Cube had a sweet Afro in that movie with that really white skinned kid who became a nazi because he had no friends.
by Brandon September 19, 2003
Worst. CD. Ever. Thank you Linkin Park
God, what a piece of CRAP.
by Brandon November 22, 2004
you dumbfucks, its always 3.5 grams and its like always $50, its an 8th of an ounce
Dave said he was gonna buy two dubs for $40, but I told him to save up $10 more and buy an 8th.
by brandon March 04, 2005
A Blue-ag wearing gang that originated in the 1960's. The Bloods are the rivals of this group.
This crip bKe cKrippin cKuzz
by brandon November 21, 2003
A sexual orientation not restricted to a certain sex. Persons who are Heteroflexible 'swing both ways'.


I dated this heteroflexible girl one time and she'd bring other girls home with her for us to share.
by Brandon January 04, 2005