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A reference to the act of having sex.
1)Hey D'mitri did you take that girl to the pump house last night?

2)Question: Where are you going tonight man?
Ans: I'm going to the pump house
by Brandon February 22, 2005
It's when someone is wreaking of homosexuality, physically and socially, to the point where he hits on straight men with the excuse that he had nice shoes/pants/shirt/etc.
"Man, that Jim is such a gayorator." Said Shelly to her mother. "He hit on my boyfriend and wanted his shoes."
by Brandon January 10, 2004
for exampl: if sum1 sez they'v got a new g/f u kood say Shwang Shwang
by Brandon September 20, 2003
A short way to say "You idiot!".
"you stepped on my foot, yiddiot!"
by brandon June 14, 2006
when a girl is having sex and farts out of her cunt
i was having sex last nihgt and she queffed all over me
by Brandon February 21, 2005
When you bust a nut on a girl's nipple and string it all the way to the other nipple.
I cablecarred that girl's tits with my nut.
by Brandon February 20, 2005
A person with at least three generations of Floridian ancestry from one or both sides of the family. It originated from the few groups of people that lived in Florida before proper settlements began, when men would herd cows through the miles and miles of palmetto bushes, cracking their whips to keep the herd moving in the right direction.
"Those crackers are crazy; heardin' cows through miles of palmettos?"
by Brandon December 10, 2004

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