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When a woman you're trying to get with delivers the fatal blow, signifying her interest only to be "friends" with you. From this vicious blow there is no recovery. Once the "kiss of death" has been administered, one may as well give up on that woman.
Damn.... Adam was trying to hook up with this hottie, but just when he thought he was in, she gave him the kiss of death and now he's home jerkin' off!
by Brandon December 28, 2004
The Kiss of Death was a kiss on the cheek to signify death of the reciever, delivered by a mob boss or someone with such influence.
Veto gave Johnny the Cheater the Kiss of Death, while stabbing him with his ice pick.
#kiss #death #stab #ice pick #mafia #mobster
by Tommy_Gun1134 March 03, 2012
When a male and a female smoke weed and exchange the smoke inhaled by locking lips.
Yeah baby I'll give you a Kiss of Death.
#weed #kiss #shot gun #shotty #bud
by JOOOOOOHHHNY November 10, 2010
When you're fucking a girl drunk and she starts has/her period and her pussy lips accidentally touch a part of your body.
"Bruh, I was fucking Becky and when I went to the bathroom to wash off her vag juice, I had the Kiss of Death on my leg."
#sex #girl #fuck #period #blood
by Gynophile April 28, 2015
When a couple in separate moving cars drives in close and kisses while the two cars speed on. An object approaching the cars, the couple will let go at the last possible minute as the cars swerve away.
Me and Katy are real daredevils! To prove it we drove on two sides of a street pole and preformed the kiss of death!
#death kiss #kiss o' death #daredevil stunt #extreme makeout #stupid kiss
by Cyanide Cookies March 06, 2011
a blowjob that's so good you blow your load in approximately 10 seconds.
Ex: "Dude, Melissa gave me head the other night. Busted a nut in like 10 seconds. That bitch got the kiss of death."
#blow job #bj #blow #suck #cock #dick #blowjob #brain #oral #oral sex #mouth #beej
by albert007 June 15, 2007
When smoking marijuana discreetly in a confined environment (i.e. dorm room, office cubicle, etc.) smoke is often exhaled through dryer sheets for decreased smell. Sometimes, when an especially good hit is taken, brown lip-marks can be seen on the dryer sheet. This looks disgusting, and is known as the "kiss of death".
Good job man, you left a real kiss of death there.
by Kage February 17, 2005
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