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Diaspora Irish (American Irish) like De Valera who fought to make Ireland free both in Europe and North America, and was thrown in prison, wrote the Irish constitution, served several terms as head of government and head of state in the Irish Republic, and was heavily involved in the Gaelic Revival that helped save the Irish language. Also like others who funded millions of dollars to the Irish and gave their lives fighting in the IRA during 'The Troubles.' Those who continue today to support politically and financially Ireland and many of its political parties. American Fenians and Diaspora Irish patriots, you know... "fake Irish" from whom we have absolutely nothing to be thankful for and no solidarity with.
"He's not Irish... more like a plastic paddy."
by Boyo85 December 16, 2009

A term for anyone of Irish decent. Meant as a joking term of endearment, but can also be used as a cuss.
Seriously? You bogshites drank all the Scotch already?
by Boyo85 December 09, 2009
A transexual, homosexual, or effeminate man. Also an over-sensitive male.
That Dr. Phil is a fannyballs.
by Boyo85 December 09, 2009

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