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An instance in Chatrooms and/or Instant Messages where a person has attempted to type an emoticon, but fails miserably due to misspelling, etc.

Most often, this instance takes place on deviantart's chat rooms, where many of the emoticons require colons (':') surrounding actual words.
**Person2 has joined

<Person1> Person2: :hesart:!!

<Person2> Person1: EmotiPwnt! ROFL
by Boxymoron2 November 17, 2005

It is what happens when you are browsing a web page, and you accidently hit the backspace key. Can happen at any time, but is most annoying when you are watching something very important online, like the sports scores or E-Bay refreshing.
Oh look, I'm going to win the aucti-Aww, Damnit, stupid backspwnt!!
by Boxymoron2 November 23, 2005
An instance where, no matter what you say afterwards, saying (absolutely) anything in defense of yourself will just make the situation much, much worse. If a brain bomb occurs, it is best to shu your trap and either

a: take the aftermath as a man, or
b: get the hell outta dodge.

Most commonly, this is done by a man to his wife, or by a man in general.
Instructor: ...What could possibly have driven this female to do such a thing?

Male student: Must have been that time of the month.

All female students in the room: *Gasp*

Male student: Damnit, brain bomb.
by Boxymoron2 March 22, 2006

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