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A good word to use to describe something that is obscenely good.
"Matey, last night can only be described as pornographic"
by Bot_40 June 29, 2006
It's like amazing but better
Ziggy's was absolutely amaz last night
by Bot_40 December 04, 2004
The greatest trance song ever, by "The Matrix". Remixed by Cream Team. Playing it gives a 100% sucess rate of getting someone in the mood to go out.
Hey it's wednesday, sort me out with a beer and whack The Matrix on, need to get in the mood for ziggy's
by Bot_40 October 01, 2004
The greatest club/house party to be found in the world
Wednesday is ZIGGY'S NIGHT
by Bot_40 October 01, 2004
To be beaten severely
Max: I got a pair of 4s
Terminator: Full house
by Bot_40 July 07, 2003
Codename used by forum trolls. "I R Win" meaning I am simply the best radiohead fan ever.
by Bot_40 July 07, 2003
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