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A part of Boston that, despite the idiots on here, is not "the hood." Hyde Park is a relatively nice part of Boston that contains Readville and Fairmount. It has a few bangers but is mostly a nice place to live.
My friend Will works at Ron's in Hyde Park, it's not a bad place
by Boston for life January 29, 2008
A major street in the Boston area, comes in from Blue Hill Parkway in Milton and goes all the way through Mattapan into Dorchester. Starts at the bridge in Mattapan near McDonalds and ends a couple miles up from there.
Mostly Haitian with a lot of good restaurants, is generally a feared street by suburbanites in the Boston area.
"I live on Blue Hill ave"
"Forreal fam? I live right near the Payless in Mattapan Sq"
by Boston for life January 29, 2008
One of the worst streets in Boston, when people from there are asked where they come from they frequently say, "da hood my nigga." If asked about how Intervale is, you will be told "Niggas will end yo lyfe."
Famous due to the famed Intervale Gang who repped adidas but were mostly bopped in 96.
Man, niggas will end yo lyfe in Intervale
by Boston for life January 29, 2008
The bus line in Boston that goes from right by Park Street Station on Tremont St down past the Medical Center all the way to Dudley.
You got a broken leg my friend? Just hop the Silver Line and get off at the medical center.
by Boston for life January 30, 2008
The act of throwing up gang signs for a crip
People who dislike crips on the other hand, refer to it as "StacKing" (note the cK for Crip Killa)
Damn cuzz, you staccing like a beast
Watch that crab ass motherfucker stacking
by Boston for life January 29, 2008
A part of Roxbury on the Roxbury/JP border. Dudley Station is the end of the silver line and not a great place to be alone at night, no matter who you are. It's a few miles from the gas station where all the crack heads chill at (if you live in Boston you know which gas station I mean, it's right on the border).
One of the single worst places in Boston, not the worst, but it's up there.
"you hear what happened up in dudley today?"
"Nah, but I heard Rashawn got popped down in Eggy"
"Well, fucking Jamal got killed by some crabs down at Dudley"
"Fuck that shit, lock and load fam"
by Boston for life January 29, 2008

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